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china warned to India

Beijing: South China Sea area to leave immediately, otherwise, from India to India and China warned that higher prices would have to pay.
India's crude oil in China will bring South seas. China has expressed opposition to this objection. In the part of China south seas, India, last year's ASEAN summit in the crude oil extraction was carried out during the contract.In India, oil and natural, the company has many tasks.
Meanwhile, the ASEAN countries, Cambodia's political leaders yesterday, ending the conference. The National Institute of china south sea organisation, he said, with India, China did not attempt in any way deal with the international sea area. There is no moral right to take crude oil to Indian Oil Company here. Indian oil companies, economically and politically, and wheat. Need to take 40 percent of crude oil in the region. India out of the immediate area should china south seas. If there are severe consequences. Solution to the problems in this area, India and China should take appropriate measures. In consideration of the islands in this part of China.
South sea disputed islands in the area is 52, which is under the control of China in the 7 islands. But 90 percent of the areas in this part of China's claim. Vietnam controls 40 islands, 9 phililphines controlled islands in the 5 islands of Malaysia, Taiwan, an island is in control.