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Everyone wants to look beautiful. For that he spent plenty of money and time but natural beauty care is very useful. Here are some natural & easy tips to achieve beauty and that can help you look marvelous at every age.

* Drink more Water. Plenty of water is needed to keep the skin and other tissues healthy. So drink minimum of 8 glasses water in a day.

* While cleaning your skin, use soft warm cloth. Does not scrubbing your skin.
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* If you have pimples then do not prick them.

* Antioxidant is repair aging and damage cell. Antioxidant present in so many fruits and vegetables such as Pomegranate (Annar) , Berries, Beet (Chukandar), Red Grapes, Carrots, Tomatoes, etc

* Sleep at least 8-9 hours. Also maintain your daily routine such as Get Up in the Morning, Exercise, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sleep. Routine is important factor in beauty care.

* You should always be relax and happy. Whenever you talk to family member or any other person, your mood should be happy.

* Go for exercises at least half an hour daily. Do exercises like jogging, aerobics, cycling etc.