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We study in detail the beginning of colleges out of state students

Students from outside the states and colleges across the state to gather information about the full, immediately send the report, Higher Education Department Secretary Sridhar said. In Chennai, police shot and killed outside of the bank robbers, one of the state, the private Engineering College in Chennai after the information, the action taken.
By colleges ...: In order to send Secretary of State for the University authorities, "" out of the states attending the college students about the full details, must be collected immediately. In particular, information about students staying outside, to collect and send. This information is sent to each University for their colleges, must obtain the appropriate information,'' he said.

"College will not take ': student's name, any State, their own address, phone numbers, no courses in the studying, college hostel outside, so the PG students, if their actions and what, they, who, who meet in colleges outside Students are instructed to collect all the details, including the activities of the state. With details, students should gather that the photographs were anounced If this photograph, because of a problem among students, send copy of documents has been suggested in the photos.

Continuous Monitoring: Madras University Vice Chancellor Thiruvasagam stating, "" We have received circulars. This, including our administration will be sent to colleges now. staying outside College students, asked specifically about the students outside and to stay. Performance of such students, college campus, ordered the monitor. Accordingly, quickly gather information, send to the Government,'' said.