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Vellore Govt Arts College Students Supports for Anna Hazare

Tamilnadu, Vellore: Vellore Arts College students Strike for Supporting The social activist Gandhian Anna Hazare against Corruption.
Social activist Gandhian Anna Hazare pasting against for Corruption in India more than 8 days.

This activity most covered all over the India and Indian peoples, This is the chance to fighting against corruption in India said by people of India.

So many peoples joined with Anna Hazare for supports against corruption in India, Anna Hazare is the Real hero in India now. In this situation all over the peoples and students already supports for Anna Hazare, Now Vellore college students also enter to joining for supporting Anna Hazare social activist against corruption in India, Today 25-08-2011 Vellore Arts college students are going to pasting in Vellore near otteri for Anna Hazare.