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United States involvement in Rajiv murder: 21 years later, Sri Lankan minister says

Colombo: Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's murder could not have been without the involvement of the United States. With the Sun in the American ciaie likal, must deal with. He only said that this would have happened even without knowing.
Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a suicide bomber in 1991 when meeting in Sriperumbudur. Based on the issue of Sri Lankan Prime Minister and Minister Vimal viravanc program: American intelligence division, he murdered Testament. We do not know about the movement of killing one's not a passive activity. He was killed with one decision, not a fool. Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka Association for the knowledge to deal with the United States has acted for the murder.

Indira Gandhi in South Asia to America's economic strength, but there would have been difficult. The United States done this project. He said he believes. 21 years later, no evidence for these speech that he did not say it clearly.