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There is no lack of weapons in Indian army

New Delhi: Indian Army weapons and equipment glitches on the rumor that information, rather than in the past that we're now very strength the Defence Minister AK Anthony said.
For the past few weeks before the military commander, VK, Singh wrote a letter to the Prime Minister but its leaked sent a secret letter. They are unable to stabilize security in the country without adequate equipment, and have yet to accumulate a written logistics. Barley in this case., Raised in a storm. The defense minister AK today, Anthony has denied this. She said this is the information that such a defect is incorrect. Someone has started the hoax. Ordnance is strength than in the past. However, there may be flaws, I can not say 100 percent that can be overcome. We are fully prepared to ensure that it can be said for the country. When you participate in this conference, the minister said the Indian Air Force.