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Tamilnadu Chief minister writes letter to Cm for rescue the kidnapped collector

Chennai: Most of IAS in Chhattisgarh region., Officer, and immediately initiate action to recover, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said.
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to the Prime Minister wrote a letter: Chhattisgarh State, the District Collector Alex paul menon in sukma, 21, was kidnapped in the past know the Maoists. Otica state border in the village, when he went to the official commercial research work has been abducted. The officer was kidnapped, in the Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. About his safety, his family are very worried. While in his official functions as the District Collector, very percep official has been kidnapped. The officer quickly recovered safely, the Central Government through the Ministry of Interior that the activities of the initiator. Transmitted to the ill, the incident and the local people, including his family members, is the most worry, people eager to hear the good news that he has released. Therefore, the safety of the kidnapped officer and recover quickly, the Central Government to take immediate action, he insists that his family members to establish peace. The Chief Minister said.