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Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission officially announced for Electricity bill Rise

Chennai: Tamil Nadu on April 1 in the first rises Electricity bill. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission announced a formal announcement.
For the past few months have been reported previously to increase electricity cost. Electricity Regulatory Commission for permission to raise electricity board electricity bill submitted. Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and demand a meeting held in public opinion. People who participate in higher electric bills protested.
The electricity bill will come into effect on April 1, Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission officially announced time. The incident was reported at the time of this announcement.
Electricity Bill, the electricity use of homes, up to 100 units per unit of electricity used was .1.10, 101 .1.80 per unit that was used up to 200 units. Up to 250 201 units for use as a unit of Rs 3, 251 to 500 .3.50 per unit of electricity used and the test fee. Electricity bill increased in 4 sections. Users of electricity up to 500 units, up 200 units for use as 3, 201 - 500 units per user unit. 4 and, more than 501 units that will be used as a unit was 5.75. That this will rise to 37 percent, this increase will be in effect until a year after that.
And, to continue as a free power to farmers. No charge for first 500 units, up to halls of power loom. More than 500 units per unit. 4. Places of Worship, for up to 120 units, Rs .2.50 that unit, more than 120 units, the test unit as Rs 5. Up to 100 units for commercial firms, and 4.30 unit, more than 101 units, Rs. 7 that have been reported. Unit to use for decorative lighting. 10. That the test is 50. In small businesses have used up to 100 units, the unit was Rs .3.50, more than 100 units, Rs. 4 also has been determined. Industrial unit for the electricity bill of Rs .5.50 also restricted. Electricity bill Government and Government aided educational institutions, per unit. 4.50, while those for private educational institutions electricity unit. 5 that have been reported. Running high as officials announced that the Electricity Board done without loss.