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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister meeting with the resistance group kutankulam

Kutankulam nuclear issue of the station, can be a problem when the "spiritual" high. New Expert Group Report, talks with Udayakumar, CBI, and after the case, do not know the results, on the public.
Article: kutankulam nuclear power stations want to stopped and operates Udayakumar gang fight. The struggle for foreign funds coming to North Europe and the United States, the struggle against foreign powers, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the new charges. But, kutankulam struggle to bring an end, the government has not decided yet. Korikkaippati of Government, the Central Government for implementation of nuclear power plants are shut down for four matankalakinrana tasks. Thus, to come to power in March, up to a year, forcing aside.

Expert Group confirmed: the struggle to bring to an end, to take action against Government, Central Government has requested. Government on behalf of the expert group was formed, Tirunelveli district last week and visited kutankulam station. Then, the fears that people in the area, prepared statement, were filed with the state. With all the safety aspects of nuclear power plant to be located, we have a specialist team. Central team in three-month study, only expressed the same idea.

In this case, Udayakumar and his team to run up the struggle, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa held talks yesterday. At the end of a 15 minute meeting, government has not issued any notification. Government would continue the struggle? Or the struggle to bring to an end, the protesters demand government action to take, whether to accept the central government, did not announce any notification. Thus, the suspense lasts kutankulam in the affairs of the past six months, continues again. The severe shortage of electricity, electricity use restrictions are proposed. Enough to provide electricity for factories closed, while Murray is the problem, the solution to the problem of electricity.