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Srilanka reports about Indian nuclear plants

Colombo: South India, located in the centers of power plants in Sri Lanka has vowed to complain to the International Atomic Energy Commission.
The Sri Lankan Minister of Electricity and Energy Department said campika ranavaka, in the event of an accident at nuclear power stations will have to get agreement among countries that damage, according to the International Atomic Energy Commission. This is a letter written to the Government of India. India responded to this letter. This issue of the International Atomic Energy Commission meeting held in September raised the issue, he said. He also had a problem in nuclear plants directly affected by the Sri Lanka. Will continue to monitor this area of ​​radiation. The radiation caused by the increase in Indian nuclear power stations that we know of. There are three nuclear power stations in South India. But there are centers of power plants in Sri Lanka. Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka State kutankulam and limb power plants currently in the center of the Sri Lankan government plans to raise the issue. The UN Human Rights Council against Sri Lanka because the Sri Lankan Government of India against vote said such measures.