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Republic Day Festival cavalry around the president - amarjavan torch in honor of Prime Minister

New Delhi: The country's Republic Day on several node if that should happen without any risk of security arrangements. But this time, from any terrorist organizations, no bullying, no one is satisfied with the security forces was not difficult to have the peace of mind. The first show on the Republic Day function in New Delhi Prime Minister Manmohan Singh paid homage at the amarjavan torch.
Without threatening the Republic Day: Republic Day in conjunction with the country's 63rd president with Prathipapatil in Delhi, the Governor of each State kept kotiyerri. The parade was followed by a rehearsal. This time there is no significant threat. Any state, including the Delhi Special Alert is not reported anything. Were to regular maximum security to work and asked the respective State. Naxal-affected North East and Kashmir state for home affairs would be better advised to take extra care. Following many years as I've mentioned previously, the threat from terrorist groups that call. Its security is based on a monstrous lie. No major difficulty with this method is that it makilvukkurite. As a precautionary measure, however, a secret surveillance camera in the Republic Day parade path, supporting military forces, Amid the national security forces are involved in security work.

The prime minister Jyoti amarjavan respects: first, the opening ceremony of the Republic Day ceremony with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh salute WREATH, paid his respects. Defence Minister AK before him, Anthony welcomed. Security forces fired a gun toward the sky at night. After the ceremony, the President welcomed rajpat. Right at 10, paid tribute to President Pratibha Patil has raised the national flag. He praised the heroic adventure activities continue to understand, providing medal recipient, the players were aanivakuppu and art shows. Tuvina vattamittapati military helicopters in the sky, to flower. Claps my site: the march on behalf of several States and the State Department had 23 vehicles in the parade. The traditional art technology to make on behalf of the State karakattam, stilt dance, including the horse received several occasions. With a pulsating rhythm karakattam atiyapotu arankame amused. Piratamaram Manmohan Singh, Union Ministers Kong Narayanasamy., President Sonia Gandhi, herself forgotten by many, including the speaker mirakumar claps with joy, praise, he said,

Tamilnadu Republican Party: Marina Beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in the ceremony, the Governor has rocayya National kotiyerri. J. Dean., And the ministers said. The fire brigade did heroic adventure in the party offices, the police presented a medal and awards. 4 police officers Gandhi Award, presented to the police. Fire fighter killed and wounded in recent elilaka fire officer and his family gave him Decorated Brother Award. The students took the concerts. At the ceremony, Chief Justice of HC has kotiyerri Iqbal. Festival nitipatikal, lawyers, court staff and others participated.