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Police investigated about 6 lakh robbery in Textile shop in vellore

   Robbery gangs on the way of the shop floor robbed in textile shop more than 6 lakh in vellore kirubanandar street. Police investigate with Thumb investigaters.
The Continuous Theft:
A month ago in vellore Gandhi road some robbery gangs theft some jewels above put some hole on the shops floor and theft some lakhs of jewels same that now another incident did robbery gangs theft in one of the Textile shop in kirubanandar street followed by Steps of the Police reduced this kind of Robbed

Near the Nethaji Market has one of the Textile shop is there, Yesterday night some of the robbery gangs stoled more than 6 lakhs rupees money, In this Morning the Textile shop owner asusual opened the shop shutter but he got shocked because of stoled money 6 lakhs by robbery gangs through the floor on the shop,After that shop owner informed the North police station Vellore.

The shop owner Boobalan said:
In kirubandar Street near has Sanmugha Adiyar sangam same that near one of the Textile shop is there, The shop owner Boobalan asusual closed the shop at 9.30p.m. Then Early morning asusuall Boobalan Opened the shop at 9.00 a.m followed by workers also entered in that shop, Boobalan then opened the table drawer, he got shocked in that table drawer have not money 6 lakhs its stoled some of the Robbery gangs

Police Said:
Through the shop of the floor robbery gangs put some hole and theft this amount of money, Its pre planned theft police said. Police investigating this case with Thumb investigator.