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Pain in the ear can occur because of conditions within the ear, the ear canal, or affecting the visible portion of the ear The Eustachian tube is shorter in children than adults which allow easy entry of bacteria and viruses into the middle ear. Symptoms of ear pain in adult and children are as follows:-

Ear infection leading to ear pain symptoms are common in children than in adults:-
image of earache problem

=Ear pain (mild to severe).
=Babies often pull or tug at their ears when they have an earache.
=Children can even face minor loss in hearing after an infection in the ear.
=Drainage from the ear that is thick and yellow or bloody.
=Slight fever.
=Loss of appetite, vomiting, and grumpy behavior.
=Trouble sleeping.

Symptoms of Ear pain in Adult:-
=Gradual development of an earache
=Pain in the ear made worse by movement of the ear lobe or moving the jaw
=Itching or Inflammation in the ear
=Temporary hearing loss
=Blocked sensation in the ear
=Ear swelling
=Feeling of fullness or clogging in the ear