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Loss of 5 billion rupees daily struggle kutankulam: Indian Institute of Atomic Energy

Mumbai: kutankulam ongoing fight against nuclear power plants due to the station daily, resulting in a loss of 5 billion rupees, according to the Indian Institute of Atomic Energy.
With the help of Russia's nuclear power plants kutankulam County Services Center located in TN. The station was opened in nuclear power plants, nuclear power plants in which the station is itintakarai mutakkori. The station would be much safer power plants, including former President Abdul Kalam and many protesters did not accept the refusal. And subsequently up to the local people's fear of nuclear power plants will have to disable the function that the government passed a resolution to the station. Government subsequently suspended the operation of a nuclear station, the group formed. Many times the group was negotiating with the protesters have not taken any decision. The government, formed one group. The group is negotiating with protesters Government has given its report. In this report,said about kutankulam that nuclear plant appears to be safe. During the struggle against nuclear station kutankulam the NGOs to operate from the United States in the last few days before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh cattiyiruntar crime. Charitable organizations filed the licenses were canceled itanaitotarnta 4. Technical Director of the Indian Atomic Energy Corporation, A. S. Bharadwaj told reporters, TN confined to the nuclear power plants as a function of the station, its maintenance and other expenses was due to the daily loss of Rs 5 crore, he said. He also preparing to station nuclear power plants in the state, in which electricity produced, maintain it, employees have celavitappata money. 90 percent of jobs in the nuclear station had been completed. The government also his opputalai, our work can start. In the first three months iyakkamutiyum first reactor. The second reactor in the next eight months operates. the second cell