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Life in prison for ex-military officer, the judgment in the case of a boy shot

CHENNAI: A boy was shot in the affairs of Dilshan, a retired military officer charged in court today sentenced to life imprisonment. It seems that he would nod.
The 2011-year-old boy shot spot died July 3. The incident caused an uproar. After a long investigation to know who the culprit was revealed that a retired military officer. Ramarajan a life sentence in this case, to levy a fine of 60 thousand on judgement today. In Rs. Sentenced to 50 thousands to the boy's mother. New islands, are a cottage Indira nagar Kumar and Kalyani couple's son Dilshan, residential apartments near the campus of the military authorities of the almond tree, almond nuts went away, the army officer shot and killed there. On this issue, CBCID, police. 12 members of seperate group and the army said. Mango snatch children, the problem is that small boy thrown the stones for picking mangoes that had reached the ramarajan irritation. To convey the fire brigade to help the boy with the gun recovered from the nearby kuvam river. 7 In the verdict: guilty of murder, illegal use of weapons. The case was recorded in units of inquiry, including evidence of the crypt. Beginning at 7 months of the trial court could have come to the court case suggests that Region. Since the Court's express ruling on this case so quickly finished offer. This case is a lie: the judge's verdict, Radha played ramarajan tears with stood eye. When asked whether you want to say anything, it's false, fabricated case. I need to do is nod.