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Kutankulam safe No problem again and again said by Abdul Kalam

Indore: Nellai kutankulam nuclear plant located in a safe district, in this case there is any difficulty in speaking to reporters in Indore Abdul Kalam said it.
A Science College Indore in Madhya Pradesh to participate in the show came out and interrupted reporters asked several questions. He Answering; kutankulam station full protection of nuclear power plants. Unlikely to be any difficulty in it. The last time I went kutankulam security matters investigated. There are no flaws in it. Is fully satisfied. He said Kalam. This is significant when examining the past few months ago, said kutankulattai. Kutankulam may remember also that the protesters refused to accept. Trying to show black flag: the arrest of 10 people, tried to show black flag to the crowd, police arrested 10 people. He is in favor of nuclear power plants in operation kutankulam station and tore the gang.