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Kutankulam protesters paid Germans stayed in the hotel transportation

Nagercoil: TN with financial aid is foreign to the ongoing struggle between Prime Minister and ambassador to Russia, the main Battleground utayakkumar refused it. But it is true that the German nation had been staying at a hotel in nakarkovil Kumari District, who had found out about him.
14 thousand crore in order to meet the needs of the country's electrical nuclear power plant starts work kutankulam happen rapidly. Mobilize people around this area at the time of opening udayakkumar has led the fight started. Struggles, doubts of the people  central and state government groups have been established. There is no danger of a nuclear power reactor that, but has refused to accept it. Rs 750 crore every month to affect the power loss. The struggle is to hold funds for volunteers from abroad, saying that the BBC has so many times. Germany has been particularly telling. The Central Intelligence Agency, conducted a secret study of tax. Filed its report. Kumari, who was staying in the District, Nagercoil German Hermann who is staying in the country, police received information the Central Intelligence Group. Q branch police raided the hotel and Action. He wrested from the major papers. He held a full-scale investigation. Involved and how the boss? : In a hotel in Nagercoil on the Central Intelligence Division soldiers stayed Kew in Chennai., Division of Police were higher authority. Supervised by the secret of his action. Kutankulam protesters who will meet with them has been talk for several hours on the phone. In the last 12, first stayed this hotel. Contact to monitor the number of days confirmed. Experiments were subsequently went to the hotel. Then had to go from there to Germany. Sent a warning that India will not stay in longer. Saw some evidence of funds provided to the protesters. Udayakkumar and had close contact with the lal mohan that have come to know.