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India Teams learns Lesson from England

ECB, Lord Maclaurin which today is being hailed as one of the more appropriate moments of English cricket. Part of this revolution included a thorough overhaul of the English cricketing system, both domestic and international, and coincided with the appointment of Duncan Fletcher, with due irony, as England's head coach, and Nasser Hussain, as captain.
It was an equally tense period, where the clash between the powerful and selfish county-system and the newly-proposed country system was evident, but common sense prevailed, and eventually resulted in a solid roadmap that secured the future of English cricket. And there are definitely lessons for the BCCI to learn and absorb from how England's (and this by no means is a knee-jerk reaction to their series win, or ranking) robust cricketing system abandoned prevailing mediocrity with heavily misplaced priorities and quietly pursued what can now safely be described as an unflinching desire to trigger excellence at the world stage.

 It is also important to understand that this change in mentality didn't happen overnight, for there have been many setbacks along the way (as critics of the English system might be quick to jump in). And as a disclaimer, by no means is the English system flawless or foolproof (as case in point being, its repeated condescending outlook towards one-day cricket) but it has given the dynamism and initiatives it has taken to supplement its national setup.

Indian cricket can safely try and emulate the best of what it offers to primarily improve its structures. Surely, England contradicts our very thought process in the sub-continent, that our cricketing progress is essentially in spite of the system and not because of it. By the way, these might have still held true had India won the series 4-0.