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In the hall of the station anti-nuclear group kutankulam to national security

The National Security Act to arrest militants kutankulam opposition to nuclear power substation to substation Support Services Rath Yatra in the cell group leader said Sathyaseelan.
All Cong., Labor Front, the movement to support kutankulam reactor, INC., On behalf of nuclear power stations open kutankulam rathyathra emphasis on awareness campaigns began in the last 11, Labor Front, led by President Rathayathra groups  campaigns conducted in various parts of the state. Services group arrived yesterday. Services Junction passtant Rath  before., The reception offered by the explosion of crackers. Eastern District Congress., Chairman Mohan kumararaja, District Secretary i Murugesan, Councillor umapathi sivan, former Regional Chairman Balasubramaniyan, Muthukrishanan, Petai Subramanian, Assembly of Youth Congress., Chairman Senthil, lawyer Ramkumar, Youth Cong., Former chief Saravanan, sankarapandiyan, sevadhalam James board were included. cong., when you talk Sathyaseelan Labor Front leader, "" Services have come across 18 counties. Was among the most welcoming people on the pilgrimage. Kutankulam nuclear power stations must take action to open the Prime Minister. The Chief Minister must be compromise. Receiving money from abroad struggle against certain anti-social elements are nuclear station kutankulam atom. About 2 million people in the tax protest movement of nuclear  substation. .26 Militants have been arrested in anti-national security commision  Resistance Conference happening in the reactor. Conduct the struggle against it. 10 th before ministers next month to participate in the conference to support a nuclear reactor.