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If you want to gain weight then a healthy high calorie diet which includes a combination of carbohydrate, protein and vitamins should be part of your daily routine. Gaining weight is difficult as compare to losing weight because you need to eat more calories than you burn. Thus, it is important that you should follow a proper weight gain diet schedule that is healthy and nutritious.

Let’s have a look at the weight gain diet plan and know the easy ways to gain weight quickly.
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Reasons of weight loss:-
1.An inadequate diet in terms of protein and kcal.
2.Diseases like tuberculosis, diabetes, malabsorption syndrome or cancer.
3.Eating very little food.
4.Depression / very tense.
5.Pathological conditions such as fever and stomach disturbances.

High calories, high protein, high fat with liberal vitamin, antioxidant and PH to nutrients intake are recommended for weight gain.

Tips for weight gain:-
1.Meals quantity/intake should be increase. Easily digestible foods like potato and sago should be included. Eat dried fruits, sweet, fried food (serving/ day). Fluids should not be taken or with meal but only after a meal so food intake is not reduced.
2.Emotional well being is essential to have a good appetite.
3.Constipation reduces the appetite so the bowel movement should be regulated with adequate fluids, exercise and fruits.
4.Synthetic drinks, soft drinks alcohol, too much of tea and coffee reduces the appetite and should be avoided.