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Hesitates to beat Vijay Srikanth

Among the movement's long-time Nanban of the film, the actor is srikanth got a break.
Vijay, Jeeva, Srikanth, along with friend and film acting was fantastic. The climax scene friend, Vijay, Jeeva, Srikanth, like hitting a shot. But Srikanth has been reluctant to act in this scene.

However, Srikanth said, Jeeva, Vijay and I like to hit the scene. But I hesitated to do it. Vijay then do not hesitate to come, this display would be welcomed and encouraged audiences.  Then after I should acted on. I got appreciated by many as Vijay said.  In shooting spot we are good friends in nanban. Although the subject of three hero's character is equal to the three friends. The trio were able to express their performances. Director Shankar, who gave up a character to me thank you sir. Director Shankar is not even a good actor. How did he act, which would act like that.