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Half block to the state hospital into the new Chief Executive

New hospital to be the new Chief Executive Bill imposes a ban. Last Comment Real estate in Chennai for Rs .1092 crore omanturar, My head is in the construction of the new Bureau Chief Minister Jayalalithaa announced that Super spesalitti into the hospital. Against this song in Chennai lawyer, High Court, filed in the public last September.
Petition judges Murugesan, and KK cacitaran hearing, ordered the government filed an answer in this case. Following this, the case came to trial yesterday. Justice Murugesan, janarttana king and, as the new Chief Executive to change the hospital with the Ministry of the Environment indicates that the state government perrullata permission must be ordered to answer. The case came to trial again yesterday. Then the argument in court, as follows: Advocate General: Some changes in the hospital to be done inside the building. Consider that it does not require the approval of the Central Government. Judges: The article is on the way. Advocate General: Before the permit to operate a hospital vankivituvom. Until then the court should be allowed to happen the other Functions

Judge: Let your tender. Please give the appropriate amount. However, the federal government should not do any change in the building without permission. B. prosecutor. Wilson: I do not want to change the building without permission of the Central Government has been clear in the law. Advocate General: On the 24 & filed a detailed response to it. Viluntuvitatu then shatter the sky. In any case, without any chance for the government side will not issue an interim order. Last Comment Received the approval of the building. But the building did not get permission to use the Central Government. Justice: You say we're kuriyataiye. If the sky is now ordered interim viluntuvitatu collapse. Legislative session on the new building took place in the past regime. Advocate General: In the past the Government has been conducting illegal in any session without permission. But this is a legitimate function of government. This again emphasizes that the interim order should not issue. The policy taken by the Government.

Judge: Government takes measures to tender. I will not ban it. But the building will not change. Taken by government policy. The government side has said that the court can not interfere. Currently, the law has changed everything. If it will not interfere in government policy in case the court have authority mukantiram. Changes to the building's clear that the Government did not get permission. The building block vitikkirom changes. Touch to the building without permission. More than 15 thousand square meter building was built in the place If you want to work on the transition to the approval of the Central Government to accept that the plaintiff said. Ottivaikkirom hearing on February 13. On February 10 the Government filed an answer to. Until the case is not any change in the building. Tender to leave, try to get the approval of the Central Government of ignoring the decision. As was argued in court.