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Free Education for Adi Dravidar Students in Private Schools

CHENNAI: If the parent's annual income up to Rs 2 lakh Constitution and tribal candidates & students will be provided free education to all government announced that the private Schools.
Government and Government aided educational institutions to students attending the Student & mulumaiyakayum, Self & students in the college student studying for a free seat in government and government aided educational institutions, according to the amount of the payment instruction was issued to the practitioner.

 So 50 percent of the Constitution and the Indigenous students without seats were filled. For engineering studies were completed last year, only to be 17.689 and 35.159 seats. Indigenous students in the rest of the Constitution and the inability to pay a fee to be forced by the poverty level has not been completed.

The first time, Self academic institutions free of charge to be studying the Constitution, indigenous candidates & students served, the government approved courses Ò state-appointed Self kallu £ rikal fees nirnayakkulu Ó determined by a mandatory fee for all 10 class or course for the central government assistance under the 2011 & 2012, since the year, provided that the Chief Minister Jayalalitha ordered . Sea not more than 2 million annual income of the parent and guardian must be present.