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The country's first radar imaging satellite: ISRO on 20th into the light

Bangalore: completely indigenously designed, India's first radar imaging satellite, the 20 th satellite launch exists. Indian Space Research Organisation, "Risat -1 ', a radar imaging satellite designed. Completely, domestically produced satellite, the launch proceedings started.
It boasts of India's first radar imaging satellite. The satellite, day or night, surrounded by clouds and weather, in any situation, from the light, the earth is clearly capable of taking photos. Already, the satellite, was taken to launch in Sriharikotta. April 20th, and already some of the satellite, successfully launched this satellite, the same date, the satellite launch, ISRO plans. "Risat -2 ', a satellite  from a 11 million dollar purchase, that the 2009 April 20 and air driven. Likewise, the" Risat -2' The satellite, launched on April 20 last year. If two rockets done successfully, on April 20, ISRO considered lucky day. Therefore, on the 20th, "Risat -1 satellite. Total weight 1.850 kg, the satellite," p. S.. L. V - C-19' is transmitted on a rocket. "Risat -1 'satellite, agriculture , including water management can be used to monitor a variety of tasks. "Risat -2 ', as it can not be used for military-related matters.