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symptoms in adult may involve:-
@ Blurred vision
@ Change in vision
@ Sticky eyes
@ Change in the appearance of the eye
@ Blinking frequent
@ Burning sensation or Abnormal Sensation
@ Watering eyes

Sometimes eye symptoms develop as part of an illness that affects several organ systems.
image of eye

The eyes have been called the most sensitive organs in the human body. Nearly everyone suffers from eye pain or sore eyes at some point in life. Eye pain may be something that resolves on its own. Eye symptoms typically develop as a result of a problem in the eye but occasionally indicate a problem elsewhere in the body.

symptoms in Child may involve:-
@ Itching
@ Dryness
@ Eyelids can stick together with crusted mucus
@ Eye pain, burning, or tearing
@ Fever and sore throat may also be one of the symptom for eye pain
@ Child will often rub the eyes
@ Viral infections can also cause eye pain