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Every people dreams to get a good figure. So to reduce their growing weight they take care of every small thing. But it is very important to maintain normal weight after the weight loss. Let us know about some tips to maintain weight:-

Fruits, vegetables, beans and beans are low in fat and rich in carbohydrates. These are very important for good health. Do not use excess oil, ghee or butter to prepare them.
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Eat more grain as they are low in fat and they contain more carbohydrates.

Use processed foods such as chapattis instead of bread, etc. You can also stuff vegetable in chapatti. They are nutritious. Avoid biscuits and other high fat foods.

Other food items that can be used in order to maintain weight are fruits, soup and salad. Jelly, jam, cream or cheese, butter are harmful in terms of health as Carbohydrate level is much higher.

Uneven eating habits also affect your weight. Focus only on eating food while eating, just eat, and avoid doing something else. Do not read, work or see TV. Avoid eating after fights or depression. While eating avoid fights because in these situations you tend to eat more.

Some helpful tips in maintaining weight:-
Reduce the amount of fat in your diet but do not disappear it completely from your diet. 15% of total calories of should be in your diet. Cookies, baked foods, chips, etc. are very high in fat content.

Reduce the amount of food that contains sugar. Avoid sugar from chocolate, candy, cookies and white or table sugar. Rather intake complex carbohydrate-rich food.

Avoid repetitive food. Instead use different types of food so you can get all the nutrients.

Do not skip meals. Eat four or five times a day but in small amounts.

Use high fiber rich diet (30 to 40 grams). Fiber increases the amount of food and protects from diseases. Fiber slows down the digestive process which helps to maintain insulin levels and it helps to convert food into energy than fat.

Increase your physical activity by the help of aerobics exercises such as jogging, walking, cycling and swimming, etc. Go on long walks and exercise at least 30 minutes, as well as bring a change in diet.