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Ensure that the bank robbers have been killed in banks

Chennai: Chennai, shot and killed in the encounter, he was a famous bank robbers, confirmed by subsequent investigations. Jointly robbers Chennai, Mumbai and Bihar, West Bengal and other parts, guns on the banks of information currently published in the looting.
Perungudi in Chennai and adjoining areas in kilkkattalai bank branches, the one month interval, which was held at gun point bank robbery, two events caused a stir. The first robbery happened, which is going to happen when the next policy, the policemen were busy working, Bihar and West Bengal have been involved in the robbery, banditry five killed in encounter. They were found at the details of the released documents. Subsequent investigation, they learned that all documents containing false addresses. In making the police investigation continues, the three bank robbers are assured that all details, and killed.

Vinod Kumar was considered the main culprit in robbery incidents in Chennai (A) cujay Kumar Ray, wanted in Mumbai in three criminal cases have been reported.

Mumbai, the bank robbery in the area of malat Sonu Kumar, aniket Pratap, Mahendra Jerry Souza, piramanan Dubey, svapnil patakar also been arrested. In that case, the wanted criminal has been cujay Kumar Ray, including a quartet. Next, mumpaicarkko region, 20.74 lakh rupees at Saraswat bank robbery in the incident, Sonu Kumar, cujay, including Kumar Singh 11 apey been convicted. In it, five people were arrested, including Sonu Kumar. Kumar and Kumar cujay apey was not arrested. The apey cujay Kumar Kumar in Chennai, with a predatory act, has been killed by now. Next, in Mumbai porivalli, ectiepci, 27.5 million rupees from the bank robbery in the incident along with Sonu Kumar cujay Kumar and Kumar also has apey. Of which, including cujay Kumar and Kumar apey not been arrested yet, been guilty of and searchable .

In both cases this policy, Syed Jafar Shah (a) how a leader acts as Chhote Khan,Together at gun point, 81 million rupees Mumbai and robbery incidents in his old allies inside and go, some talaimaraivakivita, cujay Kumar and his partner apey Kumar joined the more members, along with the news arrived, the two robbery incidents staged. Cujay Kumar mob associates, Mumbai and kolkatta and Bihar, and in some states the bank kollaikalilum correlation known to the police. Police are currently collecting this information. Consequently, in many cases the name announced whom robbery, the police are innocent of killing a man is not only assured that banditry