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Emerged in the absence of polio in India, children do not drop

New Delhi: Now you can give polio drops to children coming season will be provided regularly. After 17 years of struggle with polio in India is entirely due to olikkappattu. Officially recognize the country as a world without polio cukatara companies. Eradication of polio drops today, happens in the final phase of the camp.
The time will be lost, but many of polio. Polio is the happiest country is threatening to come to an end. Alleviate the impact of this deadly disease by spending several thousand crores, palakkatta camps in central and state governments have completed this task with great diligence so parattattakkate! The Health Department conducted special camps ilakavinar, and as volunteers for the national interest in cooperation with the BBC as a 'salute' ringing. In a ceremony held recently, not by any player in the service 25 million people with a service attitude expressed thanks to the Prime Minister.

Central to this process, with Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said perumittat: polio, the disease is to eradicate polio by the Central Government, as the echo of the various health measures and awareness, polio eradication in India has been eliminated. Moreover, the World Health Organization's polio in India, the name has been removed from the list of affected countries. Through awareness and cooperation of the people were able to get this win, said the Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad. The impact of the last people in India in 2009 was 741. Polio is only one person the victim was found in January 2011 in Kolkata. Polio has no effect on the orant, they are not in the past 5 years.