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It supplies the nerves and the skin with healthy ingredients and counteracts the ill-effects of exposure to the scorching sun. Here are some benefits of applying curd:-

Apply paste of curd in the flour (besan) into the hair roots for an hour and wash the head. This will return the hair shine and will exclude you from the problem of dandruff.

If acne on your skin is bothering you then apply sour curd paste on your face and let it dry and then wash the face. will see the unexpected benefits.

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Massage sour curd on the blackish part of the neck leave it for 15 minutes and then wash the sour yogurt. This application will help in removing neck blackish part.

Applying curd on face helps to get soft and smooth skin. It also acts a good moisturizer and good for dry skin. If curd is mixed with henna powder and applied to hair, it acts as a good hair conditioner.