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Bribe by voting for one year in jail: Election Commission took the advice of Central Government

New Delhi: Drive to put that type of penalty to give the bribe, the EC has accepted the advice of Central Government.There are five state elections. In Uttar Pradesh only be taken illegal, 53 million of cash was seized.
Every election, violence and corruption plays an important role. Bring it to an end, the Election Commission has adopted various measures. People with criminal backgrounds, the election to participate in the activities being banned. Similarly, during the election to vote in their favor, to make payment to the voters, is now widespread. For this purpose, five state elections, made ​​a serious surveillance operation.

Money or any substance, and to put an end to woo voters, with whom this Act, the Election Commission, has recommended to the Union Law Ministry. Indian Penal Law 171 (B) under Section given punish money during the election. Payer money to the voters under this Act, be sentenced to one year. Or with imprisonment and fines levied. The representative Law 123 (1) section, under the crime of bribery also. The legislation, using the drive to put the payee and the sentence given. Indian Penal Law 171 B (1) fall under the category, an object given,whom given illegal money to voters voted to put a crime. "This provision, use, during elections the money distributing punish the way to the Central Legal said Ministry. this advice, the Ministry of Law has accepted that, the election commission said the cost of the monitoring section of the Director-General BK Das.