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Ammunition shortage in the army: General Singh's letter to Minister Anthony

New Delhi - Army Ammunition is severely lacking. Metaphor of war, will be finished in two days in the presence of explosives that, the army chief VK Singh said.
Military personnel on the issue of age, military administration and military clashes between the Ministry, the Supreme Court recently concluded by the judgment. Thus, on 31 May, the current army chief VK Singh retires. Bakiram singh is among the new military commander.

In this case, the army minister, AK Antony, Army Gen. VK Singh, who has written a letter to the kuriyullata: Army Armament, such as explosives and bombs is severely lacking. Metaphor of war, now in existence all the explosives will be finished in two days. Development of this condition, the army explosives supplier, because some companies vaittate black list. For artillery and air assault on the very low explosives are required. In this case the Army to reduce costs in the next budget, the government plans is not right. That way, greatly affected the ability of the army. China, in 2012, 11.2 per cent and plans to increase military spending. I mean, as much as 5 lakh 32 thousand crore rupees, the budget allocation to do in the army. Thus, VK Singh has said in the letter.