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10 crore in India of foreign funds, fund of voluntary charitable organization in the bath

New Delhi: do social work, rural development and offer financial help from abroad in the name of only Rs 10 crore in the last financial year, the volunteers received in India as Secretary of the Interior Minister R.K.Singh said in a statement.
India came in 2nd place Tamilnadu in order to fund some of the funds (Rs. Three hundred 31 thousand 633 million) there. 12 companies get information about the misuse of funds and Singh said about this case.

NGO in the country Oh. 'S (NGOs) from receiving funds from abroad in the name of voluntary charitable organization on a secret research carried out on behalf of the Union Home Ministry. According to this study, a total of 21 thousand 508 NGOs have been receiving funds from abroad is revealed. The United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands is the most funding comes from. Voluntary funds in the name of the company, said about social service.

12 NGOs have been using foreign funds in India has been tampered with. In 2009-2010 - the years of the NGOs Rs. 10 thousand 337 crore received for the fund.

Tamil Nadu as the 2nd Place: Delhi is the only fund a maximum of Rs. Three hundred 91 thousand 815 million on top of, 663 Three hundred thousand is 31 lakh rupees at the World 2. Three hundred 84 thousand 324 million rupees have state institutions. There are at least 3 thousand 218 volunteers. When looking at the district-wise in India, Chennai (Rs 871 million Three hundred and 60) still, Bangalore (Rs 702 million Three hundred 43) at 2, Mumbai (Rs 606 million Three hundred and 63) are at 3.

Kutankulam issue stock? Kutankulam nuclear power station is a conspiracy from abroad, said the Prime Minister and the Ministers noted that the report has been filed. Last month, the Germans gave him one of the protesters kutankulam foreign funds that was sent out to India memorable.