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Vijayakanth making a new movie with his own son

Vijayakanth decide to make a movie with his own son Shanmugha pandiyan,he is the second son of DMDK leader Vijayakanth.
Vijayakanth - Premlata couple's 2nd son of Shanmugha pandiyan . He's currently studying at a college is the first year of the Visual Communication. The wish is father to act in films like Shanmugha pandiyan. Vijayakanth've already confirmed it is now in the news here. In an interview he gave about it, my two sons are interested in acting in the film canmuka content. We used to dance and have a fight coming. Cast him as a hero, have decided to produce his own film. We are ready in three to four stories. The film is a story you choose. I have to give brief cameo in the film. The film will be directed by another director. Director's Choice, said.