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Tip # 1: Don't discuss pay too early
Tip # 2: Talk tech to techies only
Tip # 3: Keep your philosophy to yourself
Tip # 4: Don't climb the advancement ladder in the interview
Tip # 5: Avoid the dreaded electronic interruption
Tip # 6: Remember to say thank you

Keep it mind when going for an interview.
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Body Language:
It is easy to create a negative impression without even realizing that you are doing it. Are you staring at your feet, or talking to the interviewer's shoulder? Be aware of what your actions say about you.

Lack of Honesty:
The slightest stretching of the truth may result in you being screened out.

Lack of Enthusiasm:
If you are not excited about the work at the interview, the employer will not assume that your attitude will improve when hired.