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Siddhartha Mukherjee, a third year engineering student of VIT, walks unobtrusively along the campus roads, capturing the dynamism of the participants of Riviera-11 in his camera.

“If photography is about shooting candid expressions, this is the best place,” he says. Amid the clamour of competitions, in a frenzy of musical euphoria, the cultural fest culminated in a grand end on Wednesday.

image of VIT festive image of chiranjeevi

While participants with black eye-patches ran around the campus frantically searching for hidden gold coins as part of ‘Pirates of Riviera,' a treasure hunt, Harry Potter-buffs had a spectacular time playing ‘Quidditch' that left the audience in splits.

Dressed as keepers, chasers, beaters and seekers, they played with dodge-balls while a snitch ran along defining the boundary. The catch – they had to run around while sitting on brooms.

A Chinese New Year celebration and a spring festival also marked the festivity of the last day. “It makes me feel at home, miles away from it,” says Cici, a final year student at VIT from China.

“Despite the controls of discipline, we managed to let our creativity out because we knew people, even the heads, would love it,” says Vaibhav Krishna, Student Council President at VIT.

Besides the regular entertainment, there is the opportunity to propagate lesser-known art including pottery, puppetry, and juggling.